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Hello kombat114buyer,
Where did you find the 7.55 Kg. weight for the 2008 Kombat 114 (Tufskin)?
Are you weighing your board with the footstraps and fin (s) installed?
According to the 2008 website archive (you can find this by clicking the "search" drop down near the end of the top bar on the 2009 web page) the weight of the Kombat 114
Tufskin with complete EVA deck pad) the weight is 9.7 Kg. (21.38 lbs) with a tolerance of +- 6% (0.582 Kg. or 1.2 lbs.).
This makes the max weight of the Kombat 114 Tufskin 10.282 kG. (22.67 lbs.) at the top of the tolerance.
Add in the weight of the fin (s) and 3 footstraps, and you are easily up to the 24 lbs your board weighs.
As far as the insert and screw holes in the bottom of your Kombat 114 Tufskin, I believe they are for the leash/tether webbing attachment.
If you find a couple of short footstrap screws and a loop of black nylon webbing, that's the tether attachment.
There should be one set of holes right ahead of the center fin box and maybe another set up just behind the nose.
These were installed at the factory, not "after market repair screw holes".
Hope this helps,
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