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Hi Mark,
Yes, the first IDO's in the USA should be available later this month. They are in a container that's due to arrive mid to late July. MSRP is $199.

Hi Johntr,
I'll see if I can get Ellen to post something here on her IDO test.

I'll have to try the IDO, but I fail to see how it will revolutionize windurfing.
If you use a lightweight trainer rig like we use in the "A Taste of Windsurfing", and if you
get your alignments (board and sail aligned to the wind direction) then there is
really very little frustration.
How frustrated can a "never ever" sailor get if they are sailing around on their own after 5-10 minutes?
The IDO should make sailing easier for really small children, but then you face the problem of them sailing off over the
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