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I sailed a Quad 76 wood-carbon today in the Gorge with a 5.0. Wind was in the mid 20s with occasional stronger gusts. It is everything it is cracked up to be. It goes exactly where you point it without losing any speed on the swell. I thought it might be a bit sticky getting up on plane, but that wasn't the case at all. A little pump and away you go. The board handles big gusts and being overpowered really well. I was a bit worried about the 57.5 width being a bit big for really powered up conditions, but it handles it as well as my E75-09. I think it is one of the best gybing waveboards I've ridden since it carries the speed through the gybe in the same way it reacts on the wave. Gorge sailing is classic bump/jump conditions and I never felt I should have a single fin today. It was plenty fast enough.

The comments and observations by the Starboard crew are spot on.

I'm 85 kg.

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