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Hi Larsonaut

I use Kombat86 with 4.x-6.0 sails in big chop/swell and I think it will be a good choice for you, I mean the new Kode also (btw I'm 86 kg). It will have a good overlap with K105, but it won't take a 6.5 at your weight, crossover sail somewhere around 5.5 I guess.
You could go for a Kombat/Kode 80, but only if you are mostly interested in higher wind range with a 4.5 (or smaller). It will be uncomfortably sinky in holey winds, and it won't have that comfortable overlap with your 105 that a K86 would have.

I'm not sure what's your best bet, personally I don't mind a bit bigger gaps between boards, in order to cover wider range of conditions.

Good luck

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