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Default RE: An EVO 100L, when ??

I have no idea whats in the works, but the KOmbat Aero 117 should be on your "to try" list. Its "only" 6cm wider than the EVO 90 and has a faster rocker, but a big boy should be able to ride it pretty good. Actually, even at my measly 70 kg, the (2006) Aero 117 makes a surprisingly good bottom turn in smaller/slower waves.

The Kombats are very nice "extensions" of Pure Acids (pretty much same rocker and bottom) and if you like a Pure Acid in smaller sizes (classic type of wave riding style) you're gonna love the Kombat too. They have a beautifull way of locking into a hard carving bottom turn. So, a K107 could actually be a good board for you too (and don't be fooled bu the crossover classification, rails, rocker and such things are "all wave", only the outline is tuned by a bit more width fore and aft, generally not a problem for heavyweights).
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