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Jan W
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Hi Rémi,
I am still missing your answer according finsize and body weight.(see 3rd july).What is the difference between SL3 and SL5?Give a freeride fin more control?Your solution to have a high boom and the mastfoot position is opposite to what i always had thought.On my home spot i used the same 8.0 sailsize but different boards.The 133 iS was sticking to the water and the 105 iS was already a little rising out of the water.What can i do so that the 105 also sticks more to the water.Maybe you say,that i have bought the wrong board for the choppy water on my home spot.I have no money to change for an other board.I still love the 105,but i like to improve the range for riding in the chop.Enough for this time.Waiting for your reply if that is possible.All the best
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