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Hi John,
The "instructor" board gets the tether attached to the mast foot (I tie a bowline on a bight with an extra wrap around the uni joint) but the student board needs to have the tether attached to the nose.
I think both your Starts have a hole through the nose, right?
I tie another bowline on a bight through the hole in the nose, so when I want to let them loose to sail on their own, I just pull the tail on the bowline and they are free.
I use 2 lengths of 3/16 or 1/4" nylon line about 8 feet long with a 2 foot section of 3/8" bungee chord in the middle.
This tether method works great, but remember to tell your students that the instructor needs to tack slightly before the student to keep the tether from tangling in the instructors fin.
Hope this helps,

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