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Originally Posted by Ola_H View Post
I've been doing a lot of gusty, partly sub planing sailing on the iS86. It's easier than the volume suggests. The flat/concave deck and the wide tail/straight outline makes it a very stable platform.
I finally got to try the Isonic 86 (in Sardinia) and I was surprised by how close the two boards are. The CA 58 seems to sail just marginally bigger than the Isonic 86, despite its nominally much larger 98L volume. What to say ... it is the main problem with windsurfing, one can never try before buying.

At this point I guess I will stick with my current quiver: CA 52 - CA 58 - Isonic 111 and my old ML 140. If I had to do it again I would probably go Isonic 76 - Isonic 101 and ML 140 but for now I'll enjoy the luxury of 4 slalom boards!

By the way, the Is 86 is very nice!

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