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Originally Posted by luis garcia yuste View Post

What fins do you recomended me for Kode 74 and 5.0m2 / 4,2m2 / 3.7m2
What brand of fins are better MFC k-one, or what else?

Thanks a lot.
You can trim the feel of the Kode quite a lot depending on which fin you use. I personally love the Drake Naturals and they have a really wide range meaning you can use them small for waves (the faster waves the smaller fins) and bigger for freeride. The faster you sail, the more solid these fins become. For underpowered upwind work (slow speed) the prefer if you choose them big. And for freeride work you can easily use the Drake Natural 22 all the way down to 3.7 without overpowering the board and it works well with a 5.0 too in waves.

But for more freeride type of sailing, you could complement with a stiffer fin for 5.0. In the MFC program, the K-One is the closest to the Drakes, but they are stiffer. I would say something around 23 or 24 would be a good complement for waves. If you want an even more freeridy feel than what a K-One will provide, try a freewave around 24 cm
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