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Default RE: severne sails tack pully?

Hi Danny L,
There a 2 solutions here that I know of.
The first is a "total solution" but it requires buying a new mast base.
Get a genuine "Streamlined" mast bast (they can be purchased in reg. dia. and skinny as both Chinook and Euro Pin tops) with the "Quick 6"
fore and aft oriented sheave and cleat assembly.
Everything lines up perfectly so no more problems.
The 2nd solution should work with your NP base, and it's really pretty easy.
Bring the line up from the tie off point and run it from left to right over the front most sheave on the tack pulley assembly.
Then run it back down to the RH pulley on the mast base and thread it around this sheave from the front to the back (away from the center of the mast base).
Then thrread it up and over the farthest back (away from the centerline of the mast base) sheave on the tack pulley assembly from the RH side to the LH side.
Now thread it under the LH most sheave in the mast base from the back of the sheave to the front of the sheave.
Then back up to the tack pulley and over the center sheave from the LH side toward the RH side. Make sure you don't get the lines "crossed" here. It's the only place where you need to watch for this.
Then run the line down to the cleat on the RH side.
If your downhaul line is long enough, you should have not problems getiing all the "threading" done with little or no tension on the line.
Then pull the tension on slowly, check that none of the lines have jumped out of their sheaves and it should be quite easy to downhaul your sail with no damage to the line at all.
Hope this helps,

Then down to the
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