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Default New wave quier

Hi experts.

I am an advanced dansih wave sailer, mostly sailing Klitmøller/Hanstholm on the good days, that means 5,3m2 weather and smaller. Every winther I am in South Africa for about a month of sailing. My focus is on waveridding. My weight is 80 kg.
Right now a have a 2006 Acid 73, whcich I love and an 2008 Evo 75 which I do not like. The 2 boards require very diffrent technik and I find the EVO very slow and not very quick to plane. Therefore I only use the EVO on the less windy days and only with 5,3. Because I do not like the EVO so much I tend to skip the 5,3 days, and wait for 4,7 or smaller days.....
I am looking for a 2 board quier that suits my sailing, I tend to go for small board an d sail sails, therefore I am thinking QUAD 66/76. Or maybe KODE 68/QUAD 76.
My trip to South Africa is very important for me, therefore the small KODE for the big down the line days down there, bur will it be to small for me or will the QUAD handle fast down the line as well??

Hope anybody can help, cause I am realy confused, with alle the diffrent kind of boards these days..

Thank you in forward

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