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Hi Ola H!

Hoped you could be the man to help me....

The point is that, I do like exactly the feel of the ACID 73, which is a combination of an EVO and a classic wave shape, as you say.
Therefore I am allways searching for that feel in every new board I try, but have not found it yet.
For me it is super fast on the plane even with 4,7 in less wind, super control - steady as a rock even i choppy conditions and handles big and super fast waves with good control. Therefore it is a calsssic when I am sailing Southafrica. Down there it is big drawn out turns and you are driven more by the speed of the wave than the wind and the acid is perfect for that.

Back home in Hanstholm it is still good on the plane and good control, but with lees speed from the waves and smaller crappy waves you need to turn tighter and are more driven by the wind. Here I am thinking that a quad qould be an advantage over the Acid/Kode.

Through that last years I have tried a lot of diffrent Starboards. 2005 I had EVO 70 and EVO 80, which I liked, but felt they were to slow for southAfrica, 2006 I had all the Acids, but only liked the 73, which have been my all time favorit since. 2007/2008 I kept that Acid and had EVO 75/80 as big board.

So right now I am thinking kode 74 - South Africa board (hope It stille has that EVO/Classic feel) and quad 81 for 5,3/4,7 in Denmark and then use the kode for 4,3/3,7.
On the other hand, will I then still stand with to boards with a complete diffrent feel? Then I must be QUAD 81/71 if I shall stick with one concept.
The soultion must be to get a test ride on a quad 71, before order.....

Thank you again

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