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OK, Then I think a good step down is indeed Kode 80 or EVO 75 (or even Quad 76 if you want for the 2010 boards). Both Kode and EVO are good in waves. The main difference is that the Kode prefers more speed to turn well. Its not that it's not a radical board, because it is - Kevin Pritchard used it in Cabo Verdo to score a super good result in the most radical conditions knows. And it makes most stuff in the waves easy, including setting the rail to go into a bottom turn. But the hardest part of wave riding for most is keeping speed up and turning towards the lip of the wave. And here the EVO (and quad) really excel. And the EVO 75 will work well for non wave sailing too, it will just not feel as agile as the Kode. But the EVO have scored really well as high wind freeriders in the germen wave board surf test every year and they do offer a stable platform for that type of sailing too.

So in summary: both Kode 80 and EVO 75 will handle anything you will put them through, but if you're eager to get good at wave sailing as quickly as possible, you will probably learn faster on an EVO.

Construction: Yes, I think there is stil the technora EVO, but it might be the case that your importer has choosen to only get wood and woodcarbon.
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