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Default RE: advice reg. buying my 1. Starboard

Hello Trine, and welcome to the Starboard Forums!
If you can find one, the Hybrid Carve could be a very good board for you!
They are a bit rare, but they are wonderful to simply "cruise around" on and they make the transition to a large planing shortboard very easily.
The Hybrid Carve would be quite a bit better (if you have all your basic skills mastered) than the Express.
The Express would be OK, but you would need larger sails to get it planing. It&#39;s quite wide, and very stable, but it&#39;s not the best at cruising around in very light winds with a smaller < 7.5 m2 rig.
Other newer options would be the Serenity (if you have very light winds
most of the time). It&#39;s very long, and a bit tippy, but women have great balance so you should be able to figure out how to balance on the Serenity very quickly.
Another newer option would be the Phantom which is getting rave reviews as it planes very early, has the centerboard for upwind cruising and will soon become a one design racing class hopefully.
Lot&#39;s of choices here.
What is your skill level, and how much wind do you normally sail in?
With this information it would be much easier to make a solid recommendation.
Hope this helps,
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