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Smile Beginner Progress! & ? About mast base


I just wanted to say thanks for all the tips so far in helping me get started on the Bic.

I've been able to get at least 8 hours a week in so far for the past few weeks and the old girl sails! And fast!!

I've been able to hold a steady track back and fourth and about 4 out of five times I can turn the rig by lowering the clue way down drift upwind and baby step around the mast foot all the way around and get moving the opposite direction.

I've also worked up to sailing the 5.7m sail and once I get that board in the wind window with that sail, lift the dagger board the board flys! It's an amazing feeling when the board is on plane!!!

Rogers advice on my foot position, was key.

If I fall or start from the beach I'm still hobbled by uphauling, I can't seem to work up the muscle memory for beach starts or water starts.

I have a question about mast foot placement. I was setting the mast base full aft when practicing on the 4.5 and was curious what function moving the mast base forward does? Should I leave it aft while using the 5.7?

At what point do most sailors start considering the use of harnessing in? My brain says no but my lower back wants me to ask.
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