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Red face Getting more speed out of my Isonic 96 & 5.8

Hi All, I'm becoming a little frustrated with my I96 & 5.8 combinaton. I use the 96 with 2 sails mainly a Neil Pryde RS:Racing 5.8 and an RSR Evo I 6.7, I tend to use the supplied Drake 34 and 38 fins (and perhaps this is the limiting factor - aswell as me!) However I have seen GPS speeds of 36.8Kts with the 6.7 and the smaller fin, but with the 5.8 I'm struggling to get it over 35kts even when fully powered - it feels faster than the 6.7 but the GPS says it's not. I'm nearly always sailing in open sea conditions so it may be that the sea state gets too bumpy with the smaller sail/board combination as the breeze gets above 30kts - however I would appreciate a few pointers on improving this from the experts - I'm guessing a couple of new fins would probably help too?
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