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Default Deboichet R17

Remi or anyone else,

I have an opportunity to pick up a Deboichet R17 70 S+6 in excellent condition at a good price.

Does anyone have any thoughts regarding this fin for my Starboard 160? I Race Formula about 6 events a year and free sail when wind winds are below 15 knots. I have a R13 70 M +6 and like it a lot for all conditions. The sails I use most with my 160 are 11.0, 9.2 and 8.4. I weigh 79kg.

Is the R17 better for light winds than the R13 (under 15 knots)? What about stronger winds over 15 knots?

Even in lighter winds, I sail in choppy conditions and if racing in over 20 knots, the chop can be extreme. I also will use a 7.4 and even a 6.6 sail in 25+ knot winds if racing.

Thanks for any advice,

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