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The difference in the production fin and a deb fin is like day and night. Can't even compare both. They may look similar but they are uncomparable underfunction while sailing.

You don't have to be a pwa windsurfer to be able to tell the difference. The difference is huge.

Select hydrofoils also makes excellent fins. They have a good website and an accurate fin selector. Get the Elite SO9. Maybe the 31/35cm for the IS96

I think for deb fins 38cm and under, the SL4 (similar shape to the SO9) would be a better choice.
You might want to try the SL4 36cm for the IS96. The SL4 38cm may be better suited for the IS101/ 6.7m

If your set up is not at the recommended positions (foot strap, mastrack) or close to it, you will be able to put it there when you upgrade your fins.

Also all these new equipment are developed with the testers using a waist harness and harness line length of about 28-30". So this is another good starting point and another time saver to get dialed in. Its worth looking into.

I wasted one season trying to get dialed in with the stock fins. I totally regret it. What a waste of time and effort.


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