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Default E83 upgrading to E80 ?


I have a E83 ( 06 ) and would upgrade to E80 ( 07 ) to have a little better grip on frontfoot surfing with 6Bft cross-off.Weight 82Kg.
I have found a limitation when being in fast big waves to secure the bottom turn and concentrate on the lip, i feel not very confident and sensitive with E83.On the other hand from 4/5 Bft the E83 is the weapon.
My Spot is 4Bft in the white waters and 6Bft behind the breaking waves with powerfull side/cross shore wind.
I don't want to sacrify the volume, want the same as E83 stability but a better grip in bottom, but also i would preserve the fast slashing pivot ...

Can someone tell me if the E80 is the candidate or do i need to switch to Acid ? Love Evo since E74 ...

Illustration :


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