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Thanks, Roger. Great stuff as always. I'll write Curtis about the fin bolts, as 1/2 strength doesn't sound wise the way I drive those fins .

Where do you buy your fins? I can't find Lessacher fins for sale. I wrote Wolfgang in my pidgeon German, so we'll see what he suggests. (In a slightly related note, I found a forum post in which Wolfgang suggests moving the mast foot back 8-10 cm when using a weed fin. Is that your experience? On Sunday with my Curtis Someweed on my 2001 Start, I had my 11 meter Retro *all the way forward*, and it felt pretty balanced. The reason I had it so far forward is the previous outing with the 11 meter Retro -- my first with the new sail -- I was struggling to stay off the wind. With the mast foot forward I was planing any time the wind got above a gentle breeze (I'd guess 7-8 knots), and the rig was easy to sail.)

I'll measure the amount of room I have for the overhang tonight. I don't think it's very much .

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