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Default Hyper 105 vs. Futura 122 plus S-type spinouts

I have so many questions but first of all I am 5'3" 55 yrs. 137 lbs. 13 yrs exp.

1. Which board would plane earlier given the same conditions, same sail, Hypersonic 105 or Futura 122 ? (both wood versions) I typically use 6.5 - 9.3 on these boards. I would like to only bring one and possibly get rid of one.

2. I just moved the straps on my wood version S-Type 115 (Kevin Pritchard's old board) to the front position. Will this help avoid spinouts? I spin out alot w/ a 5.5 sail and sometimes 4.5 with a 10" True Ames Wave Weed Surfingsports. I always need weed fins and sail in rivers lakes and bays. Is there anything else that will help?

Not having much luck lately. Either too windy at Lakes Bay or not windy enough to plane,
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