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Default Newbie on the scene

Cathal here from Rusheenbay in Ireland
Just new on the forum and have really enjoyed reading all the different experiences of people teaching wiindsurfing

We all came up through the rya system and had the balance point as a basis of all good teaching and coaching - has this now disappeared?

We use Tushingham rigs on skinny carbon masts with light booms and therefore rig weight is as low as possible the Tushingham products are the best on the market

a great trick we use is to paddle/walk out 50 meters (150ft) and sail in to the shore for the first 3 times and then do the turn ps we do not include the turn in our demo as it is too much info

Loved the piece on the tack as we have been using this for years and it really works
we dont teach tacking until after gybing is mastered as we are in a shallow enclosed lagoon

please comment or post
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