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Hi Clyde,
I see your other post about the 10" Weed Wave on your S-Type 115. That seems awfully small, and the S-Type 115 with a 4.5 m2 rig (in true 4.5 m2 conditions) seems like way too mmuch board for the conditions.
OK, Maui Weedburnter 29 cm=11.41 inches;
Weedburner 34 = 13.38".
The 29 cm seems about right for the S-Type 115, but is too small for your Futura 122.
The 34cm seems more suitable for your Futura 122.
I agree with Maximus from the other post.... you have too many boards that are nearly the same size and cover about the same conditions.
Look for a Futura 101, Kode 94 or something in the 90-100 liter range for your 5.5 and 4.5 m2 rigs.
You will probably be a whole lot faster and happier. Plus you can get into bump and jump
Hope this helps,
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