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Default RE: E83 upgrading to E80 ?

I'm not really the right person to answer since I'm a fair bit lighter than you (69). My prediction however, is that you will indeed get a better feel from the 2007 E80. The reason I think this is that while I liked the E83 a lot myself, especially in more wind I ran into the same difficulties you describe. It was like the board ran away from me. Interestingly, I rode the E83 (a very big board for me) on Maui, at Kanaha in fairly good size waves (2-3m faces) but in light winds and then it performed almost unreasonably well, despite the actual riding speed probably being higher than in powerted up 4.5 "euro conditions". So, for me the actual sail power/wind speed proved critical on the 83.

The 80 on the other hand, is looser when you go rail to rail to set up the cutback turn. This makes it less critical to powered up sailing for me. I wouldn't exactly describe it as better grip, but whatever it is it sure makes me more confident.

If these things translates to your weight, then I believe you will be happier on the E80, indeed. An Acid will give you a more direct feel in the bottom turn, but they are in fact also stiffer i the turn and in my opinion doens?? make it easier to focus on the lip, at least not if you have a kind of vertical approach to your wave riding.

I'll try to get Scotty to comment too. He's around your weight.
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