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Question Formula Changes??

"The 2009 Formula board is slighty changed a bit I have seen. Looks like it rocks now, and racers have more to choose. First, it was the F2 Z to beat, but now the Starboard also rides very loose and controlable.

Can Starboard explain a bit to the visitors of this forum, what they have changed about the board? It should not be much, while you can only change a certain amount on a board during the season (max 8 % I thought?) "

Are you sure what you tell??? As I know the Formula 162 must be unchanged for 2 years, then there is no changes to August 1st 2009 ( I'm waiting for this new information). As I know the only change is now are 2 versions ( Std Wood Formula 162 and Formula 162 " FOD". The only difference is in the extra paint in the deck.


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