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Hi John,
Wow, you got the Gemini in your 10 foot long trailer..... can I borrow your shoe horn please?
As far as a "roof rack" for your trailer, your local cargo trailer dealer can probably do that for you.
Or, you can buy some Thule 542 (Bronco Brackets) that simulate rain gutters on a vehicle.
Carefully install the brakets on the upper fore and aft frame rail of your trailer (Be sure to get some good polysulphide sealer and seat the bronco brackets and the SS throuigh bolts in a thin layer of sealer so they don't leak. Put some SS washers and SS self locking nuts on the inside and you will have a really solid rack for the Gemini.
Once you have the bronco brackets installed, you can get Thule or Yakima roof rack bars with sufficiently high side towers to allow you to put the cross bars across the top of your trailer just above the roof line.
This should be plenty solid to handle the Gemini and your kayak.
If you want to keep the Gemini clean, get a wide board bag for the front and put it on the front of the board when travelling.
Hope this helps,

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