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Default 71 or 76 quad

I'm 78kg and under usually, running 5.0 most of the time with a 4.5 blades when it picks up and looking at getting a 5.6 S1 for lighter days - hoping to get by with 1 board, and so wondering if 76 or 71 quad.

would the 71 be too small to run the 5.6 if i stack on the weight rather than drop it, would a 76 be big to run the 4.5 fully powered up. ie in conditions where a 4.0 would be prefered but you don't have one so slug it out on a 4.5...

considering I use a 5.0 85% of the time now due to wind conditions and would probably be more of a: 5.6 S1 25%, 5.0 Blade 65% and 4.5 Blade 10% of the time.

My current board runs a 58.5 width which I find slows me down in turns compared to some other boards I have run at 55ish widths and that said both boards are under this and have been reviewed to turn well considering their widths compared to your single fin similar width designs...
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