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Default Turning a Evo 75 into a twinfin

Hi there,

Since September '08 I have Evo 75 XTV 2008. I am/was new to wavesailing so I damaged the board quiet a lot in the past time by bumping into rocks, getting washed in shallow breaks and crashing jumps (north Fuerteventura is great for your material...). Now I discovered some damage to the finbox and the surrounding area on the bottom of the tail. A friend of mine had a really nice idea: would it be possible to remove the finbox, fill up the gap and make it a twinfin?

I really like this idea, but it does rise me some questions:

-Is the shape of the evo able to work with two fins instead of the orginial single fin setup?
-If not: what kind of changes does the boardshape need to work with a twin setup?
-Where would be the best place to put them (I understand that it should be somewhere in the same area as the orginal finbox)?
-How will the fins influence the character of the board?
-Since I'm only 65 kg the board is quiet big for me and in big waves and highwinds I can't maintain control in bottumturns and I don't have enough weight to put pressure on the frontfoot/rail (especially around the mastfoot I think the board is too wide/fat for me and forces me to turn on the backfoot), will a change from single to twin improve my control in the bottumturn?

I hope you guys have some usefull input for me!

Best regards,

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