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Default RE: advice reg. buying my 1. Starboard

Hi again Trine,
For vcruising around your lovely islands, in < 12 knots, the Hybrid Carve may be perfect, and if the wind comes up a bit to < 18 knots, you&#39;ll be planing pretty fast, but after 18 knots, the Hybrid Carve is going to get too big, very quickly.
Sounds like the HC and a smaller slalom board is going to be the ultimate answer for you.
Did you mean Force 3-6 Bft ( that would be Force 3 Bft= 7-10 knots
up to Force 6 Bft= 22-27 knots).
On the forums here we can work with Beaufort, Knots, Miles/hr (MPH), Km/hr (K/H), Meters/sec or almost any system of measurement, you just need to specify the units. No worries, but 3-6 MPH had me wondering if your were slogging around barely moving on the Sonic, but now I understand perfectly. Nice wind conditions, but quite a range for one sail.
Hope this helps,
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