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Default Why you plan to stop the evo?

Hi all,

for me the evo was the best step up in waveriding performance for the last 10 years. Helped me a lot with my waveriding.

Why you plan to stop the production of such a great board. Starboard has plenty of boards in his range. Why not keep a bestseller.

Iīm rather sure the twin or quad have their advantages but in overall performace the evo is nearly unbeatable (onshore, strong current, flukey wind etc., but good in sideshore wind and big waves as well).

I donīt know about the quad but the evil twin was not as allround as the evo. Thatīs why I doubt the quad is.

I think for the average not professional wavesailor itīs all about knowing his equipment very well, e.g. different fin set ups etc., because our quality time in waves is limited, due to work and family. Quads donīt make this easier. I donīt see myself fiddling about the fins with a quad.

I would love to have one board for each different condition but I donīt have the time and money to really proffit.

So keep up your good work in evolving new kid for us but please keep the good (sounds conservative Iīm getting old .

Iīm thinking of buying another evo to replace mine when it dies.

Cheers Karl
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