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Default Quad 86, Kode 94, or Evo 90


I'm a sailor (80kg) who sails primarily the Chesapeake, Delaware Beaches and Outer Banks and am looking to replace may aging waveboard (95L) that currently covers 6.4m to 5.0m (I have a 75L dedicated waveboard to pick-up 5.0m and down). While I live for the occasional side to side-off swell conditions, I spend most of my time dealing with side-on and on-shore conditions, which is typically 1m to 3m wave heights. I find the larger freestyle/wave boards simply cannot provide the tight turning radius required to enjoy such conditions, or if they do, they are dogs as far as planning and speed goes. I've been looking at the Kode 94 and Evo 90. But I've recently been reading about the Quad and wonder if the Quad 86 might be the right board.

Can you offer any advice on how weel the Quad 86 can hold a 6.4 sail? Is the speed of the Quad competative with the Kode 94 or Evo 90? And would you recommend the Quad over the Kode or Evo?

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