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The two shapes are very similar and I don't think you can tell them apart without careful cross testing, changing from one to the other and back. I can't even say what advantages one should have over the other.

I think you will feel the difference in construction though. Light always feel nicer and there are instances where it really helps in maneuvers. But that said, the "maneuver" where you will notice the weight the most is when picking the board up, particularly after the session. That initial feel of super liveliness of a really light board kind of wears off into the session. So for most practical purposes I think most people can live with the heavier technora weight. So I say save the wood-carbon money and get the Technora which seems like a great deal. At that price you can get one or two extra fins which will widen the range of use even further.

Regarding the Quads. I feel they are amazing boards, but the EVOs have worked well for a long time now and the 07 EVO 80 is a super good board, proven by the fact that it is practically unchanged into 09. It's a top seller and I can hardly remember meeting anybody that didn't like it. The introduction of the quads does not make the EVOs any less good.

And if you feel you some time in the future need even more radical wave riding, you can always trade the EVO 80 for a Quad then. And if you get the 07 technora you will not even loose much money when that time comes (maybe it will even be a collectors item by then!).
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