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Hi Ola

Just a quick update on the boards...I have been too busy working and painting the house to spend anytime mailing in the past few weeks.

I purchased the Kode 80 as suggested, headed to Hood River for two weeks (mid to late June). It only took a couple of days to realize the 80 was very close to my Realwinds powersurf so I sold the powersurf to a friend and picked up a new 08 68L Acid to quiver up with the 80. Both boards are great rides. The 80 floats in the jumps and is a great ride in the Columbia River swell down to about mid 4.2. At solid 4.2 and up the 68 was the ride. Last five days were 4.2 to 3.2 at Arlington and the Wall. Both boards are faster riding, quicker turning, respond better and jump more controlled and higher than what I have been riding.

On sail size the largest sail I have ridden on the 80 is a 5.2. Powered at my weight (70kg) it felt reasonable but I believe my 5.7 will feel awkward...and so far I have had little desire to ride that combo (gone kiting or biking instead).

I have also ridden the 80 into solid 3.7 lake sailing here in AB. With the typical lake chop and gusty winds is was sailable....great hang time on the chop hops....but in larger waves and swell it would have been not have been so managable. The only reason that I wasn't riding the 68 is that I didn't load it on top of the never blows 3.7 in central AB!!

Next stop Oregon coast in late Aug early Sept...for some swimming (hopefully some riding as well) in the surf with the 80L and my 4.7.....

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