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Hi Ola,

Thanks a lot for your reaction, I think this really helps! The EVO will not be my smallest board, I have an old 70 litre sailboards tarifa highwind (more classic shape) and an AHD classic wave 68 (which is pretty much ready to be thrown away). Here in Holland I do think that de EVO 75 will be my most used board because of the onshore and gusty conditions. What will be the biggest difference between quad and twin in these conditions (let's say 4,7 and 5,2 winds and 2 to 3 metre waves)? Point is that a friend of mine does me a favor by repairing my boards, and I don't want to give a lot of work because he does it in his spare time. Do you think I can also first try twin and if I want to convert to quad later on I just put two mini tuttles in? Or is the location of the rear fins of a quad different then the position of a twin (I can imagine the rear quadfins have to go further back)? If you could send some baseline measurements of the quad setup I would be really happy, my mailaddress is stefan_2511 [at] hotmail [dot] com. Thanks again for the useful info!

Kind regards,

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