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Default North prisma 08, anybody tried or seen?

Hi all,

does anybody have tried any of the North Prisma from 08? I have spotted a second hand Prisma 08, the 8.5m2. I am looking for a sail with great low end (as NS promote it) to match a big freeride JP135 ~< 12 kts wind, or my Kona OD in less wind

Anybody have tried them? Or seen them? I guess it should be tight leech. Are they similar to NP V8 helium, for this I have seen test

I know I would sacrifice some hi-winds stability and speed but a 8.5m2 with lots of power it would seem for me the best big sail in my quiver. I weight ~80kg.

It is strange to me that I haven't found any magazine test on them, and also seems North is not offering them on 09, so I'd better check before have a look at them

Many thanks in advance for any hint you can give me


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