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I personally always liked the EVO for everything including B&J, but the B&J king was for me always the Kode/Acid/Kombat. If you want that kind of free running excitement, speed and directionality when you put the hammer down the Kode is still it.

Regarding Quads I did have a few B&J-like sessions on them. But light onshore small waves, type of B&J and choppy powered up 4.2 kind of B&J. Overall I think the character is similar to the EVOs here. But you do have more grip under your feet and I think jumping is actually better, particularly jumping on bumps (haha, first time I ever made an actual reference to the true origin of the B&J term). You can very nicely power it up, aim for a little lump and then just "springboard" on it and sail up. I'm not much of a jumper, but this is actually something I noticed that is rather special on the quads. And there is not a trace of the sometimes a bit "smeary" twin fin feel where you may need to be careful with how you push the tail.
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