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Ray Timm
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Sailed my Quad 76 with a 5.7 the other day on fresh water. Wind was 15-20 knots. The board carried the sail better than I expected. Wind was onshore with waves 5-6' and overall I was very satisfied with the upwind performance. Later when the wind was a steady 20+ I changed to a 5.3. Granted the board likes that sail size better for my weight. If I had to take one board for 5.7 to 4.5 sails the Quad 76 is now my choice. Regarding speed and feeling sticky, when I first sailed the 76 it felt a little sticky when I was powered up on flat water, but as Ola has mentioned this sensation has disappeared. I think the reason I'm no longer feeling this is due to a slight change in my technique or stance. In the Columbia Gorge two weeks ago using a 5.0 I didn't have too many people passing me on any point of sail. In gybes the Quad also carries speed through the turn really well with one's weight further back than I expected. If I really push my weight forward on a turn in flat water its speed tends to drop more than if I'm a bit further back. The Evos, except for the 2007 model, were my favorite boards, but the Quad does everything as well and some things better.
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