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Hi Gary

I`m not in team but I know the area you mention very well. The winds are more than pretty good ; when it blows, it blows hard so bearing this in mind (and your weight) I think the 122 is perhaps on big side. (My biggest board down there is 109 and I`m 103k).Most locals dont carry much bigger than 5.4 sails !!!(even in their cars)
Other good thing about Leucate area is you can sail on the Etang to gain confidance and then make the hop over to sea.(Its one of few places where wind is equally as strong (if not stronger) on the Etang than on the sea.(Le Lydia is perfect for learning short board techniques and there is literally acres of space and shallow water; its near the cable water ski zone) (Even swell in Tromantane winds) Again its one of few sailing venues where absoloute beginners rub shoulders with flat water loopers !!!

Try Neway at Port Leucate; pretty sure they`ll let you demo kit .(or hire) If they wont one of shops nearby will. (There`s 3 next to each other, Chinook have loads of second hand kit which they will buy back off you. (for less than you paid though !!!) There`s plenty of scope for trying kit before purchasing that special bit of kit.

I`d recommend between 100 and 110 litres (62 to 65 wide) You will uphaul these and boards that size stand a much better chance of coping when it blows.(Like it will be doing down there this autumn) kombat 106 ??? Kode 106 or bigger freestyle waves.(RRD 110,JP FSW 109) Try and borrow one.

At your weight there are virtually no days(around Leucate) when kombat 122 would be "THE" board of choice.(It tends to blow hard or not at all!) If you get a good 105 (ish) board you could keep it for good ; just add another under it.(eventually)

I`d definitely go as small as is possible.

Sorry if its mixed you up more !!!

Good sailing.
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