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Originally Posted by jackoboi View Post
had a starboard wave 88 the first time i rid it i found it was too small. i am an intermeideite(harness+footstaps) child iam 43kgs and 151 cm tall i sail in an inland lake could you surgest a board for me for 13 knots plus.
p.s. i also have a stict budget of 200
you need to give more information about the board you are using, always remember width affects a board more than volume, if its only 13 knots your sailing in you would probably need around a 6.0 meter sail and 95 to 105 litre board that acid you have would be good in around 17 knots with a 5.0 meter sail or 4.5. In 21 knots you could use a board around 60 litres with a 4.0 metre sail. In 25 knots plus you would want the prokids acid 2008 which is 48 litres ,but seeing as you sail on a lake which has poor qaulity gusty wind i would recomend you buy a small freeride board around 95 litres as it is never very windy on a lake, as for your budget you really cant get a decent board for 200 pounds save up and buy something worth while it will be better in the long run. happy sailing
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