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Hi Chandra. It will depend a little bit on what kind of sailing you want to do and what you need help with the most. A Kode will be fast and easy and help you to keep speed, go upwind and so on. But particularly in onshore it need good technique to turn frontside and ride the waves. So if your intentions are to learn that, I would not get the Kode. The EVO on the other hand, is a classic for just that and it's amazingly good for learning how to ride waves frontside. The EVO requires a little more technique to go upwind though. It is rather indivudual how much this seems to bother people, most don't even notice this and the may well be the most popular board in the word for wave riding "real world" stuff (like onshore and not so big waves). The Evil Twin can be considered the more radical cousin of the EVO. The general feel is the same, but for a wave novice I would say the character of the EVO is exaggerated. It turns even easier, but upwind gets a lsight bit more technical. With the right feel for it, I would say it goes upwind better (very good in fact), but you need to learn to not overpower the fins with back foot pressure. But if you feel inspired, the Evil Twin can for sure be an alternative.

The Quad is also a very close relative to the EVO and is very easy in bad waves and should be as good for learning wave riding. It is not as exceptionally turny as the ET but instead keeps speed on the wave extremely good which will be a great help for many beginners. And an added benefit of the Quad compared to EVO and ET is that it goes upwind very, very good and does so also without any special care. It's just a lot of fin grip in there. So from this perspective, the Quad maybe looks like hte best choice, but the two other are very good too, and it may also be a question of finding used boards at a better price.

As for sizing; If you're comfortable with a 99 liter, I think you can safely go down to su 80 liters for a wave board. Both EVO, ET and Quads are very forgiving for their size and you don't neet to oversize them to get stability. So I would say EVO 75, ET 74 or Quad 76 are the ones to look for.
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