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Default RE: Broken batten removal - Code Red

Hi Martwald,
Often, if you remove the 2 adjacent battens (the one above and the one below the broken batten) you can carefully work the broken piece out of the batten pocket.
Removal of the adjacent battens allow your to "bend" the enitre sail in the area of the broken batten and by bunching the sail up a little at a time over the broken piece, you can bunch it, grab the end near the break, and pull the luff sleeve away from the broken piece.
Two people will make it alot easier (one to bunch the sail along the pocket and one to pull on the luff sleeve after you've worked the piece out a few inches.
I don't have a Code Red, but if it has camber zippers, then you may be able to open the zipper, take the cam out and perhaps push the tip of the batten back from inside where the batten sticks into the camber.
It's the first couple of inches that's usually the toughest. As soon as the tip of the batten comes out of the webbing or the cam pocket, it gets easy as that's the front tapered part of the batten (the smallest part) and once loose it should slide through the batten pocket really easily.
You still have to work it along by bunching the sail a bit, but once free of the front where the pocket is tight or the batten is seated in tight webbing, it usually comes right out.
Hope this helps,
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