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I have a similar question to Alex. I weigh about the same but have an '06 Evo 74 and an '06 Acid 86. Here in Wellington NZ I sail mostly in fairly windy, sometimes gusty cross-on conditions and occasionally down the line (when I get to Taranaki and back to Gnaraloo each year). Most of the time in Wellington I'm on an '08 Ezzy 4.7 or 4.2 and usually use the Evo, unless it's lighter or gusty, in which case I'll switch to the Acid and use a 5.2 or sometimes a 5.8. I've also got a Kona 10'5" for really light days when the waves are up.

I love the Evo, but sometimes it feels a bit small and sinky for me at 86kgs, especially when it's gusty. So I'm wondering whether I go for a Quad 81 and sell the Acid, and keep the Evo for super windy conditions when an 81 litre might be too big. Or do I keep the Acid for light winds and use the Quad in windier conditions?

Interested in your thoughts...
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