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"Starboard iSonics took the top 3 places of the PWA Overall Slalom ranking in 2008. Over the last two seasons, every event was won on an iSonic, under the feet of Kevin Pritchard, Bjorn Dunckerbeck and Antoine Albeau. Antoine never won a single PWA Slalom event until he switched to iSonics. Bjorn hasn't won a single event since then either, until he too switched to iSonics last August." etc.....

Is it just me, or this sound a bit ..... strange (to say it politely).

Don't get me wrong, I like Starboard boards, and use 3 at the moment, iS is one of them. But they are still using ex team rider AA in their marketing? Let's see:

1. Not one pwa event this season was won "on iSonics under the feet of Starboard riders"
2. AA is consistently beating everyone on JP boards (I guess he would do the same on ANY boards)
3. Bjorn is far from his old "terminator" self. He will fight for third this year.

I can easily see how some sailors can be put off by the above (and this is from an old Starboard customer).
The results aren't speaking for themselves any more.
So tone it down, please.
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