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Default RE: advice reg. buying my 1. Starboard

Trine wrote:
Thanks again, Roger.
Good idea to try the board. I will do so tomorrow if they allow me
( I can get the board for USD 960 inck tax)
I want a daggerboard bcs I live by the sea with many many beautiful small island and it is perfect to cruise around.
Maybe I will need two boards..... Hybrid carv for cruising and a Sonic or carve for more action.
I stopped by the shop Padlespesialisten in Arendal the other day. I think I they had a hybrid carve. But I guess this might be the shop you have been to. But I just wanted to give you a tip.

If you want some stronger wind conditions, you should visit Flekkeroya (where I live), it is close to Kristiansand. And have very good contidions when we have SW, W and NE wind directions.Most all of the winsurfers in Kristiansand use this location.

If you want to check out the wind conditions, please feel free to visit this web adress. The wind measuring device is located on the top of my roof.
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