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Hi Fred
Think you have hit the nail on the head.
Windsurfing HAS NOT PROGRESSED it has changed.
A sail from 99 (and before) is more than capable of offering 99% of sailors all they require.(Sailors were sailing in massive waves and speed kit had broken 40k)
If sails had developed at rate claimed the 1 metre difference in size;quoted in previous post somewhere; would be much larger.
I`ve said it before but way back in 87 I went to canaries for first time. Took one board and 3 sails. (I think Tushingham Concepts); one mast; one boom and sailed everyday and loved it.
If I go now I take at least 2 boards; 5 sails ; a comprimised 2 masts and 2 booms.

We knock old gear to sell the new stuff. In the long run its why the sport has dropped in popularity. Manufacturers and magazines are to blame. Keep on using the old kit. Its just as good.

Its high time for an atmosphere of truthfullness and openess especially from manufacturers.
Drop the BS.

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