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Manufacturers realised years ago there was just not the mass market to sell us just one or two boards.They actively promote us to buy as many as possible and as frequently as possible. (look at Quad revolution !!!Twinzers last year !!!) To my mind some of us just play straight into this and then actively promote the situation by listing "The Toys" on here. I`ve been posting on here years and it was the sponsorerd sailors who started the trend; and for a reason.To normalise owning 5 boards !!! Great marketing!!!
Its exactly why there are so few newcomers to sport !!!
Newcomers look at investment/return ratio and go away and buy a jetski !!! Its cheaper !!!
Have you seen what second hand boards are worth !!!(Not worth really)
I came to WS (in 1981) to get away from complexity of racing dinghies. We now have more kit than any racing dinghy.
Fine if it suits you but its just not relevant to be publishing all your "toys" on here.
Its just another part of the hype/BS.. We just play our part like good consumers without even realising we are been manipulated.

As I said our sport is endemic with BS...

Do you really need 5 boards to get max TOW/enjoyment ???

The boards we own/sail have nothing to do with the accuracy/helpfullness of posts ???
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