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jajajajaja, I am glad you ask that.
Starboard recommends Deboichet for their fins but Deboichet don't even answer emails. I have tried to place an order for over a year and never got a reply to one of my emails with the order and credit card number to charge it.
I think they never thought that a lot of boards end up in the USA and Deboichet been an Italian company has some problems delivering fins to the USA or they just can deal with the product demand.
Many other fin companies have notice this and has done a lot of research and development with PWA riders to get their fins to work with Starboard boards.
Like for example:
All of these companies have the tools and knowledge to give you a fin that will work with your boards.
Also Deboichet don't even have a description of what each of his fins are for. Imagine spending over $300 in a fin that you don't even know what the characteristics are or the purpose for it.
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