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I will just correct some points here.

I made the decision to buy the boards and I paid them. On the other hand...I am not so stupid to buy any new in the next few years.

Secondly...I know a lot of people new to windsurfing some of them tried it once with me and they do not share my policy and they are the typical one or two board surfers...and that is allright (in fact I am minority around here at my place)...I have more TOW because of my biggest slalom boards...and I would say factor 2 more (excluding holidays where you usualy rent material)

The smallest slalom I have I had on the water not so often at home...but once I go for a trip it is the most ridden board...because I go where the wind blows (and suprisingly I like riding slalom boards...and i know it because for two years I were on freerider on holidays and I just find the feeling different and the slalom one I like a bit more).

The PureAcid...that is the only bad choice I did about a board...I would have the range covered with the EVO easily...but I bought the evo after PA as soon as I realised I can't ride the PA so often...and as you said to sell it it would be a big economical loss for me so why would I do it?

And If you don't like the list of my is your problem! I like my boards, all of them ... I find them extremely expensive but right now I have the money and in a pretty short time I will I rather bought them when I had ebough and when there is not enough I will stick with necessary minimum.

And finally I mostly do agree with you in the marketing problem...but your arguments on newcomers are wrong...usually you do not start a sport because you decide to...someone have to introduce you...your friend, parents, TV spot or I don't what...

If you see children or young people taking courses on some big rental places...surely nobody is telling them...hey try it but be aware that you will have to own 5 personal opinion is that the sport is way more difficult than other...just like kitting...every kiter tells you after a weekend course of kitting you can ride both directions (planning speed) and make turns...when you think about windsurfing you will be very good to learn it in two weeks (and it is extremely optimistic...and people does not have the patience) and for learning you must have a big board...and when I was talking about my friends (one board surfers)...they all have 100-110 liter boards...for a beginer forget it!!!

I know one (he has a patience problem)...learned on a big board (180 liters) and as he got back from haliday...without asking he bought a board 110 liter...I was with him once on the water...after 10 minutes he gave up...this is not about the what you are trying to tell me.

--> JETSKI is easy, windsurfing is a hell of a different story, and that is what it makes good!

PS: by the way what it is that you want more people in windsurfing...I find the sport absolutely the best when the beach is not crowded at all...friend yes but only a couple of them!

Ciao Michal.
PA 86 & eVo 100 (with S-1); iS 101 & 122 & 144 (with Overdrive)

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