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Calm down !!!
Nobody said anything about not liking your boards our asking you to justify your choices. I have one of boards mentioned !!! And lots more besides.
Point is why on earth do folk have to proclaim it to rest of world.????
Are your answers any more relevant if you own a Isonic ??? Of course they are not. You are simply continuing a tradition started by Starboard themselves !!!
Sport has developed to point where we need a different board (or Starboard like us to think we do) for every windstrength and water condition; and if you dont do this you are missing out on some aspect. Which is BS.

Its becoming almost a fashion item !!!!

Shall I list my wetsuit and fins and booms ??? And my 17 sails ????

Its merely another example of BS the sport can well do without !!!!

GasGas 300/Westfield Sport/Fireblade ????? Oh and a cart load of winndsurf gear dating from 1987 to present !!!! Including a couple of Starboards !!!!
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