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Default Fin size for Kode 103, and Sail Range?

I have a new Kode 103, I weigth 68Kg, and got a 5.5m and 6.5m Severne Gator, for sailing in south coast of the UK. (mostly in the chop)

I have the straps in the most forward postion with the single back strap.

The board comes with a 30cm fin, which is almost the biggest for a US fin box. (I think select make a 32cm)

What size fins should I be using for these sails, considering my weigth and footstrap positions?

The board is supposed to have a 5m - 7m sail range. Using the some of the fin calculators gives consfusing results.

Also for some skinny like me, will the Kode 103 be alright with sails under 5m, I am thinking of getting a 4.5 and 5m for windy days? Or will I need a smaller board?
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